Green Energy Boating

Charge your batteries while sailing

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Sailboat energy generation

We manufacture hydro electric generators for sailboats.

Hydrogenerators use the forward movement of a sailboat as the source of its energy. Every sailor knows the force of the wind pressing against sails and the momentum of a sailboat hull. Our generators allow you to harness that power to supply your onboard batteries with entirely free and environmentally green electric power.

With our hydrogenerator supplying up to 300 watts of power, on-board batteries can be topped up while sailing, instead of running your diesel engine or generator after sailing, or having to fight for shore power spots at ports.

Product Benefits

Electric power

Generate more power starting at low speeds. Suitable for even smaller boats.

Mobile app

See current charging status and daily energy accumulation on your mobile device.

Made with Love

We love sailing and renewable energy!

Product details will be revealed and webstore will open soon. Watch this space!

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