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I wouldn't go on a long open-seas leg without a hydrogenerator anymore, due to how steady and reliable charging it provides.

- Tapio Jylhämö and Maria Valkeapää-Jylhämö

I was able to test the [Remoran Wave 3] extensively and I am very satisfied. I generate more electricity than I need, especially on downwind courses.

- Severin Hummer, Lobster Sailing

I fitted the Wave 3 and it has been a game changer! I was really happy with its ease of installation and use. [...] the hydrogenerator made all the difference. We now have power & water!

- Poppy Moore
Green Energy Boating
Remoran Hydrogenerator outboard unit with blade retracted

Hydrogenerator for sailboats


Our mission: Green Energy Boating

Our aim is to make green energy generation accessible to all sailors, and make it so convenient and comfortable that it can be used at all times.

Sailing is about the freedom to choose your destination and the journey. Do not be limited by your electricity supplies.

Our solution: Remoran Wave 3

Hydrogenerators harness the movement of a sailboat and produce electricity for your batteries and your devices.

Remoran Wave 3 is designed for quietness and convenience. It will generate power when needed while the boat is moving, and requires no handling during your trip.

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