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Remoran Hydrogenerator outboard unit with blade retracted
Green Energy Boating Remoran Hydrogenerator outboard unit with blade retracted

Hydrogenerator for sailboats


Sailboat energy generation

We manufacture hydro electric generators for sailboats.

Hydrogenerators harness the movement of a sailboat for electrical energy.

Our generators convert this entirely free and environmentally green energy into electricity for your batteries.

With up to 300 watts of power, batteries can be topped up while sailing, instead of burning diesel or having to fight for shore power outlets.

More benefits


Remoran will change your sailing life for the better!

Increasing numbers of appliances that allow sailors to enjoy comforts at sea and port require electrical power to work. GPS plotters and refrigerators, even coffee makers and microwaves, are becoming common in sailboats.

Instead of relaxing after a day of sailing, we are forced to worry about the state of our batteries and hunt for free electrical outlets ashore. In worst case run diesel generators long into the night.

With Remoran Wave 3 topping up your batteries during a day of sailing, you can arrive and start relaxing immediately!

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Electric power

Generate more power starting at low speeds. Suitable for even smaller boats.

Mobile app

See current charging status and daily energy accumulation on your mobile device.

Made with Love

We love sailing and renewable energy!

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