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Remoran Protection Relay PR-01

To protect your charger at speeds higher than the rated maximum speed, the outboard unit cable needs to be disconnected. Remoran Protection Relay PR-01 does this automatically.

Since sailing at higher than usual speeds may be hectic, and in accordance to our philosophy of convenience, we recommend installing the Remoran PR-01 protection relay that takes care of disconnecting the unit automatically whenever the voltage is in danger of exceeding rated levels.

With PR-01 installed, you can use the Remoran Wave 3GS-variant for maximum energy production in boats that often reach 12+ knots in speed, but typically cruise at 6-11 knots.

For boats that typically cruise at 10-18 knots, we recommend Remoran Wave 3GD instead, with PR-01 for extra protection in case an occasional 20+ knot speed is expected.

Q: Do I need the PR-01 Protection Relay?

You will ONLY need to install the PR-01 if ALL of the points below match your situation:

  • Your boat can reach speeds higher than the maximum rated (12 knots for the GS-variant or 20 knots for the GD-variant) from time to time.
  • You don't want to worry about disconnecting Remoran Wave 3's outboard unit cable when sailing at speeds higher than maximum rated.
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Long Rail kit

For increased comfort and safety. In case you need to raise or lower Remoran Wave 3 from the water during your trip, please consider adding the long rail kit to your installation. It will also reduce the need to reach down toward the waterline under normal use-cases.

The Long Rail kit allows the outboard unit of Remoran Wave 3 to be fitted onto the rail without the turbine reaching the water. The unit will be held securely at the top position, until you decide to lower it into the water, which can be done under moderate speed (5 knots or less), providing a lubricant has been used on the rail.

Adjusting the angle can be done at any point while the unit moves down along the rail, and should be at the earliest point allowed by your boat's geometry. While under sail, the force exerted onto the unit is higher the lower the generator reaches into the water, making it harder to adjust the lower it is.

In high speeds and larger waves you still need to turn the boat toward wind to reduce speed to 5 knots or less while raising or lowering the unit.

Q: How long is the Long Rail?

The long rail is available in 70cm and 90cm lengths. Each version can be optionally shortened by 10cm at the factory. Please specify your desired length when ordering.

Q: I already have the standard rail, can I convert this to a long rail?

Yes, if there is enough room for it on your transom. By loosening the bolts and using a rubber mallet the standard rail can be detached while the rubber mat remains glued to the boat's transom.

After this the long rail can be test-fitted and the location of the top bolt can be marked. The long rail is then removed, and the hole for the top bolt is drilled. Proceed according to the Long rail manual, found in our downloads section.

Long rail manual
photo of long rail
another photo of long rail
photo of long rail in use
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