Remoran Wave 3 Hydrogenerator for sailboats

Reliable electricity

Remoran Wave 3 Hydrogenerator for sailboats

Hydrogenerator for sailboats. Keeps you powered during your sailing life!

Power without the burn!

If you find yourself running your diesel motor or generator just to top up your batteries, Remoran Wave 3 is the solution for you.

With Remoran, sailing equals free energy. Up to 300 watts at 10 knots* means you'll arrive with batteries full! At the more typical speed of 6 knots* you will already receive 150 watts which is enough to help you avoid burning diesel to charge your batteries.

* Applies to the GS-variant. See below for details.

Unmatched convenience

Remoran Wave 3 requires no pampering. Just let it do it's job and enjoy sailing!

Using Remoran Wave 3 is a breeze. Just slot the outboard unit on the rail, connect the plug and you are ready to go. Remoran Charger 300W will fill your batteries while preventing overcharging. The outboard unit can stay in the water during your whole trip.

Remoran Wave 3 also works in parallel with solar panels and any other charging solutions without problems.

Works with other solutions

Remoran hydrogenerators work when solar and wind let you down.

Solar, wind and hydro are the main Green energy sources for sailors. All have their advantages and disadvantages. Remoran generates power whenever the boat moves, even at night or in cloudy weather unlike solar panels, and even when sailing with the wind, unlike wind turbines.

Hydro Solar Wind
Works When moving When sunny When windy
Doesn't work Not moving At night or overcast No wind or running
Pros Large power output No moving parts Large power output
Cons Power output related to sailing speed Requires lots of space Noisy
Sunny, protected anchorage No Yes No
Storm anchorage No No Yes
Sailing (Reaching and Beating) Yes Yes* Yes
Sailing (Running) Yes Yes* No
Night Sailing Yes No Yes**
*As long as there is no shading from sails or sheets
**Unless running with no apparent wind

Suited for all sailboats

The Remoran Wave 3 starts generating electricity at 3 knots, making it suitable for smaller boats and lower speeds.

Optimized for speeds from 3 to 10 knots, even smaller boats will benefit from free energy. Skippers of quicker boats will appreciate our GD-variant with a maximum speed of 20 knots.

The rugged construction, tested both in lab and blue waters, ensures Remoran will handle all the stresses of sailing even at higher speeds.

Quiet operation

Remoran Wave 3's noiseless operation ensures you'll be sailing in comfort.

Quiet operation, together with our advanced Charger, make sure there will be no problems with overcharging, ensuring Remoran Wave 3 can be used during your entire trip.

There is no need to be constantly raising and lowering the generator. Set it and forget it! The quietness of Remoran Wave 3 makes sure you'll not be tempted to turn it off, allowing you to capture 100% of the power available!


  • Innovative angle adjustment
  • Telescopic blade
  • Small but sturdy mounting rail
  • Handle for lifting includes snap lock to rail
  • Small form factor for easy storage
  • 3-bladed turbine for all speeds
  • Ergonomic handles
Telescopic design
Telescopic design

For easy storage and proper fit for different boats

Angle adjustment
Angle adjustment

Up to 40 degrees of range, fits most transoms directly without adapters


Handle you Remoran with comfort

Technical details

Length of outboard unit 680 - 980 mm
Weight of outboard unit 7,5 kg
Maximum operation speed 12 or 20 knots
Output voltage 12V/24V (Automatic detection)
Compatible battery technologies Pb, AGM, Lithium
Warranty 2 years

Sales package

The box contains all that is needed to install your new Remoran Wave 3.

In addition, you'll only need tools and battery cables (DC) of sufficient thickness. Please read the user manual for more details on installation.

  • Hydrogenerator outboard unit with 2m cable and female connector
  • Three-bladed turbine
  • Mounting rail
  • Remoran Charger 300W electronic charger
  • Generator cable 2m with male connector
  • Ferrite filter
  • Mounting accessories kit
  • User manual

Remoran Charger 300W

Our custom intelligent charger is designed to work perfectly together with our generator. The charger is an essential part of an optimally working Remoran Wave 3 installation. It is always included in our sales package.

  • Converts 3-phase AC electricity from the generator to DC voltage suitable for batteries
  • Automatic battery voltage detection (12V/24V)
  • Smart charging with battery maintenance algorithm
  • LED indicators for charging states and error reporting
  • Collects information about the charging process viewable using our mobile app
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device

Product variants

Remoran Wave 3 is offered in two variants, designed for different speed ranges. Please consult the table below.

Variant name Generator wiring Optimal speed range Maximum speed
Remoran Wave 3GS star 3-10 knots 12 knots*
Remoran Wave 3GD delta 5-15 knots 20 knots*
* Charger damage may occur at speeds greater than stated unless Protection Relay PR-01 is fitted

Charging performance

These charts show the charging performance of both models of Remoran Wave 3.

Note that while the current graphs are different for 12 volt and 24 volt systems, the power output is still the same.


The installation is easy and straight-forward, and can be summarized by the following picture and a few steps.

Please read the user manual available in our Downloads section for comprehensive installation instructions!

We also have an installation planning service to help you get started.

Installation diagram
  1. The mounting rail is mounted on the boat transom using bolts passed through two drilled holes.
  2. The lead-through connector is installed on the boat deck or transom close to the generator within reach of the outboard unit's cable (2m). A 22mm hole is drilled for the connector, which is mounted using screws and sealed using an included O-ring.
  3. The charger must be installed inside the boat. The cable coming from the outboard unit is connected to the charger, while the charging leads are connected to the boat batteries. The red (+) charging cable must be fitted with a ferrite filter near the charger and a 30A fuse as close as possible to the battery or the main switch.

Made in Finland

Remoran Wave 3 is designed and manufactured in Finland. The outboard units are assembled at our own factory in Salo, Finland, from marine-grade components manufactured according to our specifications by various contractors in Finland and China.

The Remoran Charger electronics boards have been designed by us in-house and are manufactured for us by a Finnish electronics manufacturer.


Remoran Wave 3 has received

  • International Registered Community Design for it's unique innovative design in USA, EU, Norway, Canada, Switzerland and Australia.
  • CE certification for Electrical/RF emissions.
  • USA/CAN FCC/ICES certification Electrical/RF emissions.


For more details, check out our manuals and datasheet in the downloads section.

Where to Buy

Remoran Wave 3 can be purchased from our webshop or from one of our distributors.

Many of our distributors can also offer installation services. Please contact them directly for details.
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