Remoran Wave 3 Hydrogenerator


  • Innovative angle adjustment
  • Telescopic blade
  • Small but sturdy mounting rail
  • Handle for lifting includes snap lock to rail
  • Small form factor for easy storage even in the boat
  • 3-bladed turbine optimized for 3 to 10 knots

Operation video

Technical details

Length of outboard unit 680 - 980 mm
Weight of outboard unit 7,5 kg
Maximum operation speed 15 knots
Output voltage 12V/24V
Compatible battery technologies Pb, AGM, Lithium
Warranty 2 years

Contents of the sales package

1 pc Hydrogenerator outboard unit with 2m cable and female connector
1 pc Three-bladed turbine
1 pc Mounting rail
1 pc Remoran Charger 300W electronic charger
1 pc Generator cable 2m with male connector
1 pc Ferrite filter
1 pc Mounting accessories kit
1 pc User manual

Remoran Charger 300W

  • Converts 3-phase AC electricity from the generator to DC voltage suitable for batteries
  • Automatic battery voltage detection (12V/24V)
  • Smart charging with battery maintenance algorithm
  • LED indicators for charging and error states
  • Collects information about the charging process viewable using our mobile app
  • Bluetooth connection to your mobile device


Installation diagram
  1. The outboard unit is secured to the boat by a mounting rail. The rail is mounted on the boat transom using bolts passed through two drilled holes.
  2. The lead-through connector must be installed on the boat deck or transom close to the generator within reach of the generator cable. A 22mm hole is drilled for the connector, which is mounted using screws and sealed using an included O-ring.
  3. The charger must be installed inside the boat and connected to the generator cable and the charging leads to the boat batteries. The red (+) charging cable must be fitted with a ferrite filter near the charger and a 30A fuse as close as possible to the battery or the main switch.


Power graph


Current graph


For more details, check out our manuals and datasheet in the downloads section.


Remoran Wave 3 is available to buy in our webshop.
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